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Planeta 3
Andrzej Olczyk - Szlak
Kraina smoków
Andrzej Olczyk

My childhood home smelled like linseed oil and turpentine. My dad painted. J. Sokołowski’s and W. Puchalski’s books were scattered wherever they were accessible, always being paged through. When I was 12, I stumbled upon J. Sokołowski’s “Zwierzęta z mojego szkicownika” (trans. note: “Animals From My Sketchbook”) and I decided to become like him, a drawing ornithologist. Back then I was drawing a ton, and the only theme of my drawings were animals: bred parrots, insects, newts. Later on my sketchbook became more and more populated by people and items. After a while, I noticed that while drawing, I was discovering an invisible new world. Everyday it was closer and closer, but everytime it managed to drift off, and even worse, grow larger.

I finished art studies in Cracow in 1986 specialising in relief printing. I then started to take part in periodic exhibitions: : Konkursie Graficznym im. Józefa Gielniaka in Jelenia Góra, Quadriennale Drzeworytu i linorytu Polskiego in Olsztyn, Biennale Małej Formy Graficznej i Ekslibrisu in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Międzynarodowym Konkursie Graficznym na Ekslibris in Gliwice, Międzynarodowym Biennale Ekslibrisu Współczesnego in Malbork. I also took part in a number of foreign exhibitions: in Boston, Rome, Maastricht, Havirov (Czechia), Bitola (North Macedonia). I also organised numerous individual exhibitions, and took part in joint exhibitions in Koszalin, Warsaw, Łódź, Opole.